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Variants in ADCY5 and Near CCNL1 are Associated with Fetal Growth and Birth Weight – Cebu Longitudinal Health and Nutrition Survey

Variants in ADCY5 and Near CCNL1 are Associated with Fetal Growth and Birth Weight


Freathy, Rachel M.; Mook-Kanamori, Dennis O.; Sovio, Ulla; Prokopenko, Inga; Timpson, Nicholas J.; Berry, Diane J.; Warrington, Nicole M.; Widen, Elisabeth; Hottenga, Jouke Jan; & Kaakinen, Marika, et al. (2010). Variants in ADCY5 and Near CCNL1 are Associated with Fetal Growth and Birth Weight. Nature Genetics, 42(5), 430-435.


To identify genetic variants associated with birth weight, we meta-analyzed six genome-wide association (GWA) studies (n = 10,623 Europeans from pregnancy/birth cohorts) and followed up two lead signals in 13 replication studies (n = 27,591). rs900400 near LEKR1 and CCNL1 (P = 2 × 10−35) and rs9883204 in ADCY5 (P = 7 × 10−15) were robustly associated with birth weight. Correlated SNPs in ADCY5 were recently implicated in regulation of glucose levels and susceptibility to type 2 diabetes1, providing evidence that the well-described association between lower birth weight and subsequent type 2 diabetes2, 3 has a genetic component, distinct from the proposed role of programming by maternal nutrition. Using data from both SNPs, we found that the 9% of Europeans carrying four birth weight–lowering alleles were, on average, 113 g (95% CI 89–137 g) lighter at birth than the 24% with zero or one alleles (Ptrend = 7 × 10−30). The impact on birth weight is similar to that of a mother smoking 4–5 cigarettes per day in the third trimester of pregnancy.


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Journal Article

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Nature Genetics


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