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Postpartum Nutritional Status of Filipino Women – Cebu Longitudinal Health and Nutrition Survey

Postpartum Nutritional Status of Filipino Women


Adair, Linda S. (1992). Postpartum Nutritional Status of Filipino Women. American Journal of Human Biology, 4(5), 635-646.


Postpartum weight, body mass index (BMI), triceps skinfold thicknesses (TSF) and upper arm circumferences (AC) were measured bimonthly for 24 months in a large cohort of urban and rural Filipino women. Weight loss, leading to an increasing prevalence of low BMI (<18.5) is the norm in this population where dietary intakes of energy, calcium, and iron fall below WHO recommended intakes. The effects of lactation on postpartum changes in weight and TSF during 6-month intervals were examined by stratifying women into groups defined by lactation duration. In addition, multivariate models were used to examine the effects of lactation on changes in weight or TSF while controlling for other factors such as energy intake, seasonality, morbidity, pregnancy interval, parity, and age. Lactation was associated with significantly increased weight losses from birth to 18 months postpartum. Furthermore, full lactation (breast-feeding with the addition of less than 20 kcal/day to the infant's diet) also significantly increased weight loss in the first 6 months, when the overall duration of lactation in that interval was controlled. Lactation had a small but statistically significant effect on changes in TSF as well.


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Journal Article

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American Journal of Human Biology


Adair, Linda S.